What makes the illustrious James Bond brand

James Bond – 007 agent is an imaginary character in the novel by Ian Fleming writer in 1953. Although the series quickly became a best-seller at bookstores in the UK, James Bond only really rose.

He became a famous icon when the first film about this spy was born in 1962. Since then, during 53 years and 24 episodes, James Bonds has become a cult brand.

The James Bond 007 series was not only successful as a movie, but the James Bond franchise went beyond its original limits. Each episode, each actor playing the role of James Bond is considered a product of the James Bond brand model.

This brand can now be priced, developed into different categories with many franchise opportunities. James Bond is the first role model of characters who are ordinary people but capable of action. These characters can be smart, healthy, resourceful, and able to turn things around, but they are still human.

Viewers find themselves in James Bond or have a desire to be like him. This is more real than supernatural dreams that cannot be reached. It is James Bond’s ability to be hurt in danger that makes this model more popular.

Before the action is completely real and logically can be performed with practice, the audience will feel thrilled. Instead of being assured of watching Superman or Captain America because they know with their strength, they will be okay.

Human first impressions of anything are always the most powerful and hard to change. That seems to be the common mentality for generations and is also the reason why 007 is still loved up to now.

The character’s brand, or more broadly, the James Bond movie was born at the exact moment to become a pioneer role model. They bring something new and attract all the attention.

During the years that followed, there were many movies with similar main characters that were also very popular. But for many viewers, Agent 007 is still the first movie. Although the motifs through the parts have not changed too much, viewers are still looking forward to this guy.


Nagoshi talks about where the Yakuza will be going in the next 10 years

Nagoshi revealed where the Yakuza 10 years from now are going, the project seems to have stalled after Like A Dragon. He presented the first details of the trend of Japanese games to perform worse in the West.

And then how he and his studio approached the issue by creating an engaging franchise franchise. Agoshi revealed his plans for the Yakuza soon after when asked about the project in depth.

Their previous interview was with creator Danganronpa. As you may not know there is also the creator of the Resident Evil series that has been interviewed.

The trailer is quite a joke and a freak accidentally attracts a lot of gamers who are interested in the upcoming PC version of this game. Meanwhile, a new 15th anniversary live broadcast next month will make announcements about the series’ future developments.

The future path of the Yakuza series will actually be a lot more difficult because the old characters can no longer be the material for a new game. To break through, Nagoshi and his colleagues will need a new strategic plan. They will want new characters and more impressive stories than they have ever done before.

If you’re interested, check out Game4V’s official future review. The game is currently available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Unfortunately, gamers with PlayStation 5 will have to wait until March 2 to get their hands on the English version of the title game.

This version is also probably the best lovestory writing version in the series. Although so far there are only 2 written versions of lovestory Y1 and Y2. So I still have a strong belief that the true love of Kiryu belongs only to the Y1 version between Yumi and Kiryu.


Interesting things not to mention about the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel’s first hero, appearing in the 1939 Marvel comic book 1 was The Human Torch. This guy is called Jim Hammond and is inherently a robot that can control fire.

The character storybook has sold more than 800,000 copies. It was not until 1941 that our beloved Captain America was officially released with sales of more than 1 million copies.

In the first sketch, Henry Pym’s wife – Janet Van Dyne is one of the founding members of the Avengers team on the screen next to Hulk, Thor, Iron Man. But Van Dyne’s role was transferred to Black Widow, after she appeared in Iron Man 2.

The language of this fictional rich country is essentially a reference to the Xhosa language, commonly spoken in Zimbabwe and South Africa. These are also two places close to Wakanda’s geographical location in the MCU.

The action taking place in this scene is completely absent from the script. This was just the reaction of actress Hayley Atwell when she saw Chris Evans with a muscular. The six-pack body just stepped out after Steve Rogers was injected with the serum. And it has become one of the memorable classic scenes of the MCU.

George R.R. Martin used to like Marvel so much that he even wrote a short letter expressing his love that was published in newspapers in the 1960s. George even emphasized and called Marvel the World’s Best Comic Magazine Series. In addition, he also revealed that he especially loved Fantastic Four.

Men in Black is a series of stories and movies about spies wearing super cool suits and dark glasses. That’s who are responsible for investigating the plots of alien invasion. The series of the same name has won many great success with the acting of two actors Will Smith and Tommy Lee-Jones.

In 1994, Marvel bought the publishing company Malibu. That’s which holds the copyrights of Aircel Comics and thereby owns the Men in Black movies and video games created by the company. Perhaps Coulson’s concept is based on the image of agents Men In Black.

This is one of the many very small details that have been inserted throughout the development of the MCU. It shows everything we see on screen today, is the result of a well-prepared plan. Iron Man 2 was released in 2010, exactly eight years before the day Black Panther’s private film was released to the public in 2018.


Historical journey of a prestigious statue named Oscar

This golden statue is the dream of many generations of actors around the world. Let’s learn the secrets hidden inside this prestigious golden statue. The Oscar statue was officially born at the awards ceremony of the American Film Academy in Los Angeles in 1928. But Oscar is not the first name of this prestigious film award. The official name of the award is the Academy Award of Merit.

To this day, people still cannot know exactly who named this golden statue. The first design of the Oscar statue was given by MGM artistic director Cedric Gibbons. But the person who concretizes Gibbons’ ideas is the sculptor George Stanley.

During World War II, due to lack of metal, Oscar statues were made of plaster for 3 years. After the war, the Organizing Committee invited the prize recipient to return the gilded metal statue, and at the same time receive the plaster statue. To get the perfect statues, the producers have to go through 17 meticulous and very sophisticated stages.

Work begins when a manufacturer melts a premium alloy in a furnace at a very high temperature. After coming out of the oven, the statue is carefully poured into the steel mold, tilted slowly so that the molten metal can fill up the mold.

Then, if it’s not perfect as desired, people pour it, cook again and start from scratch. It is hard to believe that there is only one mold for the manufacture of statues. It took 3 months, 50 gold statues were completed.

Eventually the Oscar statues are packed and shipped to Los Angeles, ready for the biggest event of the year. Oscar statues are often left over from the number of awards in each show. The reason is that the exact number of gold statues is known only on the evening of the awards ceremony. The tournament organizers will preserve the excess pictures for future use.


What does the blonde princess of world music success

Possessing the ability to compose great songs, Taylor Swift sets out to become the world’s leading musician. Although her voice is not too outstanding.

Folklore album still sold more than 1.3 million copies globally in just 24 hours. In addition, this album also broke the global record for the number of first-day music listeners on the Spotify platform, set by a female artist.

Meanwhile, the BBC also called Folklore a “true indie album of Taylor Swift”. According to many music sound experts, in terms of voice quality, Taylor Swift can not match the same class of singers as Alicia Key, Miley Cyrus or Rihanna.

However, what makes her stand out and gain a solid foothold in the world music market lies in her excellent song writing techniques. Taylor Swift herself admitted this was her strength and declared on Billboard in 2014, “I wouldn’t become a singer if I wasn’t a musician”.

In the early stages of her music career, Taylor Swift was loved by her sweet country pop songs about love. At that time, the young female singer sent a story about anonymous love-filled emotions with her music products.

However, Taylor Swift does not consider all of her brainchildren to come from the actual nature of each incident. She is mainly based on the singer’s personal perspective with the background around her.

The Guardian newspaper once praised Taylor Swift’s first two albums, Fearless and Taylor Swift. This page evaluates that the female singer has succeeded when “writing about the nostalgic teen years”.

Indeed, with the writing of lyrics has characteristic recall content. They are combined with repeating melodies revolving around a note, Taylor Swift’s compositions turn into syllable, rhythmic words. They create a feeling of intimacy, easy to empathize with the audience, like words of love in the ear.

Through songs written by herself, Taylor Swift brings an instinctive music. She takes the listener through her personal experiences from time to time. The female singer seemed to aspire to speak her heart, to be understood and sympathized with the thoughts that are always boiling inside.

Taylor Swift is sometimes rebellious, careless, proud, brilliant, sometimes filled with purity, weakness, and instinct of a girl. She makes the public fall in love, fall in love and hum with each tune she has drawn. Then at any time, the audience suddenly reminded her as a phenomenon, a separate mark in the world music market.





The film industry seeks to recover

How will the blockbuster movie be and is there a way to recover the movie industry?

It is not yet possible to predict how the consumption of the film market will decrease or change after the pandemic drains the economy. A big disadvantage of Tenet is not being able to promote the trailer before other blockbuster screenings. That was when there were no blockbusters in the air, while that was the spearhead marketing way before.

Khán giả nước ngoài ngạc nhiên với trailer phim bom tấn Nga ...

After Tenet, the films Black Widow, Fast & Furious 9, Wonder Woman 1984 and Top Gun – Maverick will also be affected by the aforementioned issues. Therefore, Tenet is the case for the whole film world to look at and follow Warner Bros marketing strategy. It is forecast that after the film, blockbuster movie marketing method will change.

In the US, Hollywood is expected to lose $ 15 billion in losses due to COVID-19. In that context, publishing online for a fee is a way for many studios to overcome difficulties. Universal releases the movie to theaters for streaming or direct streaming. They are Trolls World Tour, Birds of Prey, The Hunt, The Invisible Man.

Universal claims the Trolls World Tour collects $ 100 million in movie rental after three weeks. That is the most successful in the history of streaming, but the number has not been verified by third parties.

Top phim bom tấn bị giới phê bình "chặt chém" nhất 2 thập kỷ qua ...

But now the big change from Neon is the launch of the new movie Spaceship Earth on an online platform. This is a unique documentary about 8 people isolated for 2 years in Biosphere 2, the ecosystem of copies of the Earth.

Out of the trend of online viewing, a special case of the COVID-19 era is the Blockbuster movie rental in Bend, Oregon (USA). Blockbuster shop lives well because customers do not decrease during the epidemic. This shop is considered by Indiewire to be “the last store in the world of its kind”.


The most impressive records of Ninja’s career – the number one streamer in the world

Tyler Ninja Blevins can be considered as a legend of online social networks and Esports. Although his age is still very young, what has made him become a real force. He has never appeared in cultural history in general and esports in particular.

Blevins – a young man who changed the way people play games and how they all interacted with each other. The importance of Ninja’s contributions cannot be summed up with a few simple figures. However, it’s interesting to take a closer look at some of the biggest wins he’s achieved so far.

Siêu streamer Ninja bỏ Twitch sang đầu quân cho nền tảng stream ...

Since being a pro, esports still seem unacceptably recognized in the sports flow in general. People continue to question whether playing games like Mario World is worthy of being considered sports talent.

The first esports athlete to do that, another monumental victory for experienced gamers and streamer. The best part of this event though, is that esports is starting to gain respect. And professional gamers are also considered as real athletes.

There is still much to be done to esports receive the respect it deserves in the professional sports community. But the fact that Ninja appeared on ESPN magazine’s cover is a big step forward.

Ninja - Streamer Giàu Nhất Thế Giới: 27 Tuổi Lọt Top Forbes 30 ...

A large number of fans and gamers consider this to be one of the biggest moments in game history. This event still resonated in the community a while later, with Blevins becoming an extremely hot search keyword almost immediately after. With the Ninja brand having reached a new level, and Blevins had difficulty in collecting world records after the end.

Blevins set another record when he became the first player to win 5,000 Fortnite wins on PC. That doesn’t seem to be a great achievement, especially compared to some of his other feats. But do you think there are gamers who left Fortnite with just one victory?

Obviously, not many gamers have tasted victory in the limit of battle royale. And even more famous gamers don’t do it often.


The Universal Studios Singapore theme park

As the first Hollywood movie theme park in Southeast Asia, Universal Studios Singaporemang visits a series of attractions. In fact, up to 18 of the 24 movie-themed roller coasters here are designed specifically for parks in Singapore.

There are seven movie themed areas and each one is individually designed. You will find the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood. And as you explore New York, the view opens up to the city with its impressive high-rise buildings, even with a subway entrance simulation.

Universal Studios Singapore - 'thiên đường' giải trí chơi cả ngày ...

Here, you can step into a studio and experience the devastation of a big storm with special effects produced by Steven Spielberg. The Ultimate 3D Battle will let you fight evil forces in a thrilling 3D duel. Next to the ancient Egypt area, you will face the mummies and carnivorous beetles on a roller coaster in the house.

In Madagascar, get ready to get wet with splashing water as you experience the river cruise. The performances here are equally spectacular. Younger visitors will love the Shrek 4D Adventure at Far Far Away. The 4D experience allows you to feel like the real action scenes on film. In the Lost World, witness firsthand the stunts.

After a day of fun, refuel with the many themed restaurants scattered throughout the park. And remember to have your camera ready in case you encounter celebrities.

Lạc vào thế giới Hollywood ở công viên Universal Studio Nhật Bản ...

Especially, this avenue is impressed by the arch arch and the rows of palm trees are planted along the sides. Here you can also see the celebrities in the real movie but only appear according to the timetable. In addition, there are interesting shows in this area along with souvenir shops.

Going all the Hollywood you will come to the beautiful New York area. Visitors do not need to go far to Europe to search for this space. Just coming to USS will make visitors feel lost in every corner of the magnificent New York flower with quite a lot of roadside cafes.


Dubailand – The world’s largest amusement park in the desert

This impressive structure was completed with a total cost of up to $ 2.2 billion and became a must-visit destination when traveling to Dubai. Joining with me to discover the great thing in the world’s largest integrated desert entertainment complex – Dubai.

Dubailand is a superlative entertainment paradise in Dubai. This amusement park covers an area of ​​up to 28,000ha. Construction companies have turned hundreds of desert hectares into a destination. It is an entertainment area with countless interesting experiences to attract tourists as well as indigenous people.

From the initial stages of ideas and implementation of Dubailand, many people thought that this was a “crazy and illusory work”. But reality proved, that crazy idea was realized.

They dare to turn the unthinkable into reality, they own the architectural works of history and break all limits and Dubailand is a living proof.

Dubailand is located on Emirates Road. If visitors start moving from Dubai International Airport, it will take about 25 minutes to this amusement park.

Dubailand - What Happened? The Guide - TTSP Forum

The only way to get to Dubailand is by car. Each destination in Dubailand has its own entrance and exit, with an area of ​​up to 28,000ha, it will be difficult for visitors to travel by walking in this entertainment complex. That is why cars are considered the most convenient and ideal means to use when coming to Dubailand.

The next stop that visitors will discover is Dubai Sports City. There are many gyms and attractions. Guests can watch a round of golf at the large stadium with a capacity of up to 25,000 seats. You will try to feel golf on an international class training ground or watch attractive racing at Kartdome.

As the world’s largest entertainment complex built in the desert, Dubailand cannot avoid the hot, hot temperatures. However, visitors do not have to worry because in Dubailand, people install large and cool air-conditioning systems that will make tourists happy.

Dubailand has a total of 45 outstanding entertainment centers, including snow castle, Dubai sports city


What to play on Sentosa Island

In Malay, Sentosa means quiet and peaceful, and this is also one of the four largest islands in Singapore. Although nature does not favor much for Singapore. In return, the government is very interested and knows how to invest in domestic tourist destinations.

It can be said that Singapore Sentosa Island is the most unique destination. By an interesting combination of cultural heritage, amusement parks, resorts and nature diversity.

The Best Resorts In Sentosa, Singapore

When you want to save and admire the scenery without worrying about your feet, you can walk from the city center to Sentosa island. To walk to the island, you need to take the bus to Vivo City, the rooftop will have a tunnel to take you to the island.

Upon arrival, you only need to pay 1 $ as the entrance ticket. The distance of 600 meters is not too far. Moreover there are carpets, if tired feet just stand up there and the carpet will take you to your place. You can continue walking back if you wish or take the Sentosa Express.

Khu nghỉ dưỡng Resort World Sentosa của Singapore

If you want to see the beauty of Sentosa Island from above, you can go to the Observatory inside the Merlion statue. A really respectable place for Singaporean friends is that even though a country comes to the sand, it must be imported.

This place has up to 8 different vegetation as well as many rare plants for you to explore. Occasionally, if you are lucky, you may also encounter wandering reptiles.

You will really get lost in the middle of the green forest when walking into the luxuriant tree trails. Those who love nature, especially families with children, do not miss this interesting resort on Sentosa Island, Singapore.

The entertainment area consists of 24 scenes designed in the theme of famous Hollywood movies. In addition, Universal Studios Singapore is also an attractive destination for many travelers around the world.