What makes the illustrious James Bond brand

James Bond – 007 agent is an imaginary character in the novel by Ian Fleming writer in 1953. Although the series quickly became a best-seller at bookstores in the UK, James Bond only really rose.

He became a famous icon when the first film about this spy was born in 1962. Since then, during 53 years and 24 episodes, James Bonds has become a cult brand.

The James Bond 007 series was not only successful as a movie, but the James Bond franchise went beyond its original limits. Each episode, each actor playing the role of James Bond is considered a product of the James Bond brand model.

This brand can now be priced, developed into different categories with many franchise opportunities. James Bond is the first role model of characters who are ordinary people but capable of action. These characters can be smart, healthy, resourceful, and able to turn things around, but they are still human.

Viewers find themselves in James Bond or have a desire to be like him. This is more real than supernatural dreams that cannot be reached. It is James Bond’s ability to be hurt in danger that makes this model more popular.

Before the action is completely real and logically can be performed with practice, the audience will feel thrilled. Instead of being assured of watching Superman or Captain America because they know with their strength, they will be okay.

Human first impressions of anything are always the most powerful and hard to change. That seems to be the common mentality for generations and is also the reason why 007 is still loved up to now.

The character’s brand, or more broadly, the James Bond movie was born at the exact moment to become a pioneer role model. They bring something new and attract all the attention.

During the years that followed, there were many movies with similar main characters that were also very popular. But for many viewers, Agent 007 is still the first movie. Although the motifs through the parts have not changed too much, viewers are still looking forward to this guy.