Just as there are many different genres of music there is a variety of different types of platforms where music is presented.

Music halls

Each country has its own way of presenting their music entertainment industry and it will give these venues specific names. England is well known for its many music halls. It is often classed as a theatrical form of music. They will house many different types of musicians. In the United States, one of the most famous music halls is the grand old Opry. Canada often refers to its music halls as concert halls.

Music Theatres

The main focus of the music theatres is to put on performances that combine music as well as theatrical performances. These performances have a story to them that can fall into different categories such as comedies. They are very popular as most people enjoy the combination of the music in conjunction with the theatrical performance that takes place.


Nightclubs are also well known for the provision of live entertainment. This can be produced by a solo musician or groups offering a variety of different types of music. Some nightclubs will also allow a dancing as part of the venue.


Opera is very close to music theatres but the main focus is put on the operatic form of music. In this case, the music itself takes the leading role with a story being presented through the choice of music and the theatrics.

These are just a few of the variations were live music entertainment is in production and offers great opportunities for those that enjoy music to do so at its best. By having choices such as these venues it means that individuals that enjoy music can choose different venues to attend throughout the year.

Some individuals will take out memberships in a specific venue so that they can be sure to catch each new production that is being performed.