One of the wonderful aspects of live entertainment is that there are many different categories of it and no shortage of performers in each of these categories.

Music Entertainment

The main category of music entertainment can be broken down into subcategories. Some of these will include:

  • Musicals which are theatre based
  • Music performances at music halls
  • Operas
  • Nightclubs

Music is also found to be incorporated at other types of entertainment venues. For example, dance is another form of live entertainment but requires the use of music to complete it. Quite often entertainment venues such as fashion shows or ice shows or even parades will also include music as part of its presentation.

Performing Arts

This is another category that comes into the field of entertainment. It too has many subcategories such as;

  • Marching bands
  • Puppet shows
  • Variety shows
  • Standup comedy

Exhibition entertainment

There is another form of entertainment that is often provided through live presentation which is exhibition entertainment. The most common subcategories that come into this field are:

  • Amusement parks
  • Museums
  • Festivals

Each of these forms of entertainment has its own uniqueness. What they do have in common is that they all have performers in some form.

In the case of exhibition entertainment, the performers come in the form of those who are responsible for the venue. For example, in the museums, it is the curators. In amusement parks it is those that run all the different venues that make up the totality of the amusement park itself.

Individuals will form their own likes and dislikes when it comes to these various forms of entertainment. This is what makes it so exciting. Each category within the entertainment industry strives to become popular and to be able to attract the audiences they need in order to have a successful performance.