Those that are familiar with the United States and want to sample some of the best entertainment that is available there will often pay a visit to Broadway. Broadway itself is a highly populated street in New York that is one of the main focuses of visitors to this area. It is considered to be the home of the American theatre venues. It is often referred to as the Theatre District and many will call it the Great White Way.

The Theatre District

This section of New York known as Broadway has earned its moniker because it houses 40 large theatres. They have the ability to seat no less than 500 people with most being able to accommodate more. There are ongoing venues of musicals in combination with plays that are forever changing.


Although Broadway is very important to New Yorkers themselves, it is also important to the city in that it helps to pad their economy through tourism. One of the highlights of visiting New York for many visitors is to be sure that they attend at least one show on Broadway so they can share this experience with others when they return home.

Broadway has earned the title of being the best in the world and is known for the many Tony awards that it has received. Although the venues change on a regular basis there are some venues that have been ongoing for years simply because of their popularity.

Famous Broadway Shows

For those that are paying a visit to Broadway, they will find that there are many outstanding shows that have fallen into the famous categories such as:

  • The Lion King
  • Cats
  • Mama Mia

These are just a few examples of some of the longest running Broadway shows. However, there are many other new productions that are constantly offering great entertainment.