Interesting things not to mention about the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel’s first hero, appearing in the 1939 Marvel comic book 1 was The Human Torch. This guy is called Jim Hammond and is inherently a robot that can control fire.

The character storybook has sold more than 800,000 copies. It was not until 1941 that our beloved Captain America was officially released with sales of more than 1 million copies.

In the first sketch, Henry Pym’s wife – Janet Van Dyne is one of the founding members of the Avengers team on the screen next to Hulk, Thor, Iron Man. But Van Dyne’s role was transferred to Black Widow, after she appeared in Iron Man 2.

The language of this fictional rich country is essentially a reference to the Xhosa language, commonly spoken in Zimbabwe and South Africa. These are also two places close to Wakanda’s geographical location in the MCU.

The action taking place in this scene is completely absent from the script. This was just the reaction of actress Hayley Atwell when she saw Chris Evans with a muscular. The six-pack body just stepped out after Steve Rogers was injected with the serum. And it has become one of the memorable classic scenes of the MCU.

George R.R. Martin used to like Marvel so much that he even wrote a short letter expressing his love that was published in newspapers in the 1960s. George even emphasized and called Marvel the World’s Best Comic Magazine Series. In addition, he also revealed that he especially loved Fantastic Four.

Men in Black is a series of stories and movies about spies wearing super cool suits and dark glasses. That’s who are responsible for investigating the plots of alien invasion. The series of the same name has won many great success with the acting of two actors Will Smith and Tommy Lee-Jones.

In 1994, Marvel bought the publishing company Malibu. That’s which holds the copyrights of Aircel Comics and thereby owns the Men in Black movies and video games created by the company. Perhaps Coulson’s concept is based on the image of agents Men In Black.

This is one of the many very small details that have been inserted throughout the development of the MCU. It shows everything we see on screen today, is the result of a well-prepared plan. Iron Man 2 was released in 2010, exactly eight years before the day Black Panther’s private film was released to the public in 2018.