The Universal Studios Singapore theme park

As the first Hollywood movie theme park in Southeast Asia, Universal Studios Singaporemang visits a series of attractions. In fact, up to 18 of the 24 movie-themed roller coasters here are designed specifically for parks in Singapore.

There are seven movie themed areas and each one is individually designed. You will find the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood. And as you explore New York, the view opens up to the city with its impressive high-rise buildings, even with a subway entrance simulation.

Universal Studios Singapore - 'thiên đường' giải trí chơi cả ngày ...

Here, you can step into a studio and experience the devastation of a big storm with special effects produced by Steven Spielberg. The Ultimate 3D Battle will let you fight evil forces in a thrilling 3D duel. Next to the ancient Egypt area, you will face the mummies and carnivorous beetles on a roller coaster in the house.

In Madagascar, get ready to get wet with splashing water as you experience the river cruise. The performances here are equally spectacular. Younger visitors will love the Shrek 4D Adventure at Far Far Away. The 4D experience allows you to feel like the real action scenes on film. In the Lost World, witness firsthand the stunts.

After a day of fun, refuel with the many themed restaurants scattered throughout the park. And remember to have your camera ready in case you encounter celebrities.

Lạc vào thế giới Hollywood ở công viên Universal Studio Nhật Bản ...

Especially, this avenue is impressed by the arch arch and the rows of palm trees are planted along the sides. Here you can also see the celebrities in the real movie but only appear according to the timetable. In addition, there are interesting shows in this area along with souvenir shops.

Going all the Hollywood you will come to the beautiful New York area. Visitors do not need to go far to Europe to search for this space. Just coming to USS will make visitors feel lost in every corner of the magnificent New York flower with quite a lot of roadside cafes.