What does the blonde princess of world music success

Possessing the ability to compose great songs, Taylor Swift sets out to become the world’s leading musician. Although her voice is not too outstanding.

Folklore album still sold more than 1.3 million copies globally in just 24 hours. In addition, this album also broke the global record for the number of first-day music listeners on the Spotify platform, set by a female artist.

Meanwhile, the BBC also called Folklore a “true indie album of Taylor Swift”. According to many music sound experts, in terms of voice quality, Taylor Swift can not match the same class of singers as Alicia Key, Miley Cyrus or Rihanna.

However, what makes her stand out and gain a solid foothold in the world music market lies in her excellent song writing techniques. Taylor Swift herself admitted this was her strength and declared on Billboard in 2014, “I wouldn’t become a singer if I wasn’t a musician”.

In the early stages of her music career, Taylor Swift was loved by her sweet country pop songs about love. At that time, the young female singer sent a story about anonymous love-filled emotions with her music products.

However, Taylor Swift does not consider all of her brainchildren to come from the actual nature of each incident. She is mainly based on the singer’s personal perspective with the background around her.

The Guardian newspaper once praised Taylor Swift’s first two albums, Fearless and Taylor Swift. This page evaluates that the female singer has succeeded when “writing about the nostalgic teen years”.

Indeed, with the writing of lyrics has characteristic recall content. They are combined with repeating melodies revolving around a note, Taylor Swift’s compositions turn into syllable, rhythmic words. They create a feeling of intimacy, easy to empathize with the audience, like words of love in the ear.

Through songs written by herself, Taylor Swift brings an instinctive music. She takes the listener through her personal experiences from time to time. The female singer seemed to aspire to speak her heart, to be understood and sympathized with the thoughts that are always boiling inside.

Taylor Swift is sometimes rebellious, careless, proud, brilliant, sometimes filled with purity, weakness, and instinct of a girl. She makes the public fall in love, fall in love and hum with each tune she has drawn. Then at any time, the audience suddenly reminded her as a phenomenon, a separate mark in the world music market.