Nagoshi revealed where the Yakuza 10 years from now are going, the project seems to have stalled after Like A Dragon. He presented the first details of the trend of Japanese games to perform worse in the West.

And then how he and his studio approached the issue by creating an engaging franchise franchise. Agoshi revealed his plans for the Yakuza soon after when asked about the project in depth.

Their previous interview was with creator Danganronpa. As you may not know there is also the creator of the Resident Evil series that has been interviewed.

The trailer is quite a joke and a freak accidentally attracts a lot of gamers who are interested in the upcoming PC version of this game. Meanwhile, a new 15th anniversary live broadcast next month will make announcements about the series’ future developments.

The future path of the Yakuza series will actually be a lot more difficult because the old characters can no longer be the material for a new game. To break through, Nagoshi and his colleagues will need a new strategic plan. They will want new characters and more impressive stories than they have ever done before.

If you’re interested, check out Game4V’s official future review. The game is currently available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Unfortunately, gamers with PlayStation 5 will have to wait until March 2 to get their hands on the English version of the title game.

This version is also probably the best lovestory writing version in the series. Although so far there are only 2 written versions of lovestory Y1 and Y2. So I still have a strong belief that the true love of Kiryu belongs only to the Y1 version between Yumi and Kiryu.